Winter Bundle

29.99 22.49 USD


Bundle Includes

  • MVP Rank (Second Highest)
  • Snow Tag 6aecf572aa2638abfbcd98489fa93f21bfee2e97.png
  • Santa Tag bda86d43ae593be03a9d943c668dec6c7f3eb054.png
  • Tree Tag 9666e9f85c28110aa6d64fbf01b7554993026bcf.png
  • 1 Stat reset (Claimable via support ticket)


  • Prefix:  aa01c5c3dc2e28bab011877f73bec03b9cabc863.png
  • Second highest priority in the queue
  • Fly in any lobby
  • /club create (Up to 35 members)
  • /color (Change your name color)
  • Support the server!


  • Sidebar customization settings
  • Map picking for duels
  • 9 Cosmetic Armor colors
  • 9 Death Animation settings
  • Sword color cosmetics in Boxing
  • /tpv (See players in the lobby)
  • /event host (Host your own events)
  • /tournament host (Host your own tournaments)
  • /party announce (Promote your party to the entire server)

 Game Servers

  • /announce (Alert the entire server to join)

This Bundle is PERMANENT. This Bundle will never expire.

Submit a support ticket at if you have any questions.