ACE Bundle

59.99 USD


Bundle Includes

  • ACE Rank (Highest)
  • Full Stat Reset 
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Note: Stat Reset must be claimed via Discord to confirm your identity.
Please have your TID  in hand when creating the ticket.


  • Prefix:  39e326149a7daabe1b2c8a234a86f92e1e0cde4f.png 
  • Highest priority in the queue
  • Restricted Hub with YouTubers & Staff
  • Join Messages (Hubs)
  • More Friends (Up to 300)
  • /club create (Up to 50 members)
  • /color (Change your name color)
  • /disguise (Change your in-game name)
  • Flying enabled in lobbies
  • Support the server!


  • Sidebar customization
  • 9 Cosmetic Armor colors
  • 4 Boxing Sword cosmetics
  • /tournament host (Host your own tournaments)
  • /tournament start (Force-start your tournaments)
  • /party announce (Promote your party to the server)
  • Duels Map Selector (100+ Maps)
  • /tpv (See players in the lobby)
  • /event host (Host your own events)
  • 9 Death Effects

 Mini Games

  • /announce (Alert entire network to join)

This Bundle is permanent and won't ever expire.

Submit a support ticket here if you have questions.